Thursday 14 December 2006

Cellulose-silk alloy fibre development

Dr Grazyna Strobin of the Institute of Chemical Fibers (Poland) had been trying to develop improved medical dressings by making alloys of cellulose and silk fibroin. Biocelsol solutions of cellulose were blended with soda solutions of silk fibroin to make a range of alloys up to 15% silk. These photos were taken during her talk at the Alternative cellulose conference at TITK Rudolstadt - Sept 2006

Origins of Silk fibroin

Biological properties of silk fibroin useful in wound-care

Preparation of spinning solutions of silk fibroin and Biocelsol

Properties of cellulose-silk alloy fibres

Scanning electron micrographs of cellulose-silk alloy fibers

Summary of the talk

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