Monday 24 September 2012

INDA WOW Innovation Awards Presentations

Clean and Cream® Dispenser
Arnie Fox of Wetnaps Ltd presented a wet-wipe pack with a little pot of cream in the lid molding to the left of the wipes orifice.  One half of the lid revealed the wipes and the other revealed the cream. Various combinations were available e.g. Baby wipes & diaper cream,  Makeup remover wipes & moisturizing cream, Moist toilet wipes & hemorrhoids relief cream (OTC), Disinfecting wipes & medical treatment ointment, Polish cream (auto, silverware, etc.) & spreading wipes. 

Fibertect® Oil and Vapour Sorbing Wipes

Randy Sakowitz of First Line Technology LLC presented wipes for the decontamination of NBC suits and other surfaces where oil and volatile compounds are a problem.  The wipes were 3-layers of needlefelt, needled together, the centre layer being activated carbon fibers and the surface layers being unbleached raw cotton or polyester cotton blends.  The raw cotton retains more oil (12.5 g/g) than polyester (1g/g).  A patent was obtained on replacing glue or thermal lamination with needling to achieve maximum surface area for absorption. The material is available in wipes of different sizes, mitts or rolls all vacuum sealed in aluminized packs.

Raptor SAFE-T® Wipe

Johnathan Gluckman of Raptor Detection Technologies LLC presented a wet-wipe impregnated with the explosive detection indicators normally sprayed onto surfaces.  The wipe  is designed for army and police use and does not need experts.  Color change identifies the hazard, and it can be developed for drug detection.  The “indicator” is a polymer matrix created by mixing the explosive and the monomers and then washing out the explosive.  The resulting matrix has a molecular imprint of the explosive which traces of the explosive can key into and change the color.  The system can also be used to create highly selective filters for toxic waste clean-up.

Table Turners® No-Rinse Sanitising Wipes

Matthew Schiering of Sani Professional (Nice-Pak Away from Home) presented a food service wiping system to replace the traditional bucket and
shop-towel approach which is notorious for its inability to clean surfaces properly.  It comprised a Triple-Take™ dispenser with compartments to hold the flow-pack of wipes and the used wipes.  The latter had a releasable bottom to allow the used wipes to be dropped into a trash can without further handling.  The wipes are pre-wetted with a sanitizing solution which delivers 175ppm of quaternary ammonium chlorides to kill most common foodborne pathogens in a single pass.  EPA and NSF have approved it for regular no-rinse use on food contact surfaces.  The system is attractive enough for use front-of-house as well as in the kitchens.

And the winner is…

The Table-Turners® No-Rinse wipes.

(from papers given at the INDA WOW Conference, Chicago, June 2012)

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