Sunday 31 December 2006

Biodegradable fibres in Hydroentanglement

Frederic Noelle of Rieter Perfojet described trials with wipes substrates where PLA had replaced the polyester. Old data from Courtaulds (circa 1990, now rebadged "Lenzing") showed how lyocell, viscose and cotton degraded in a sewage farm and old data from Cargill-Dow showed how PLA degraded after pre-hydrolysis when wipes disappeared in 60 days. Without prehydrolysis PLA (poly lactic acid derived from corn) does not biodegrade.

Relative prices of biodegradable fibres on the European Market

Rates of biodegradation of viscose and lyocell hydroentangled (spunlace) fabrics in soil burial

SEM of lyocell after biodegrading for 7 days in soil

Rates of biodegradation of cotton, lyocell and viscose in a sewage farm digester.
Markets for biodegradable nonwovens
Another paper on this subject is available on the main site.

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