Tuesday 12 December 2006

Cellulose Melt blown from Lyocell Dope by the Nanoval Process

Dr Bernd Riedel of TITK introduced the collaboration between Lenzing, TITK and Nanoval to explore the production of spunlaid lyocell using Nanoval’s Laval nozzle version of melt-blowing. The following are some of the more interesting photos taken during this excellent talk at TITK's Alternative cellulose conference in Rudolstadt (Sept 2006).

The Nanoval spun-laid lyocell pilot line at TITK

Diagram of the Nanoval Pilot Line

The Nanoval lyocell pilot line nozzle arrangement

SEM of spunlaid lyocell nonwoven from the Nanoval process

SEM's of 25 gsm and 8gsm lyocell spunlaid nonwovens from Nanoval

Partially and completely split cellulose fibres from the Nanoval process

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