Monday 18 December 2006

Steam-Jet Entanglement by Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering

Mr. Hajime Tatsumi of Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering described the steam jet process which has been in development for 7 years. Contrary to earlier reports in the press, this is not an alternative to water-jet entanglement, more an extension of hydroentanglement when faster drying, improved bulk and thermal bonding are required.
The MRE Pilot Line: Steam jets shown on the right...
...the web is held between two conveyors and steam injected from above and below.
Comparisons with water jet entanglement: Less mass through the nozzles at much higher velocity gives comparable total energy input...
...but the steam, unlike water, dissipates rapidly and has to pass through a screen before hitting the fibers so little entanglement results.

However its a good way of thermal bonding while maintaining bulk after hydroentanglement, and the heat input reduces the energy needed to dry the web.

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