Nonwoven.Co.Uk has helped:

Several private equity houses:
To complete Due Diligence studies on potential acquisitions and investments.

A major US consumer goods manufacturer to:
Educate and train new R&D personnel in fibre and nonwoven technology. Develop and source new nonwoven materials for new consumer products. Understand new opportunities emerging from rapidly evolving nonwoven technology.
Understand opportunities arising from new biodegradable natural and synthetic polymer fibres
Specify a small production plant to manufacture a speciality hydroentangled nonwoven.

A leading producer of wiping materials to:
Understand the viscose and lyocell routes to absorbent materials with special emphasis on cellulosic sponge sheets.

A leading US manufacturer of cleaning cloths to:
Understand the economics of the supply chain.
Reduce the costs of their raw materials.
Develop new products from existing manufacturing equipment.
Identify European opportunities for their products.

A European viscose rayon fibre producer to:
Produce a range of self-bonding and highly absorbent fibres for speciality paper medical and wound care markets.

An international filter materials group to:
Train their product development team in fibre and nonwoven technology Brainstorm potential new uses for existing filter-making technology
Identify the best new markets to enter.

An international industrial textiles group to:
Develop a nonwoven substitute for a high modulus woven fabric.
Arrange and supervise nonwoven production trials without revealing the client. Source the fabric at lowest possible cost.

An Asian viscose rayon fibre producer to:
Re-design their fibre production machinery to produce fibre suitable for hygienic disposables.
Identify and quantify new opportunities for their fibre in nonwoven markets. Assess the performance of their fibre in various nonwoven production processes.

An international fibre manufacturer to:
Quantify opportunities for replacing cotton in medical textiles.
Quantify opportunities for new fibre types in an air-laid nonwoven process.
Quantify opportunities in the rapidly-growing wet and impregnated wipes market.
Prepare technical literature and PR articles for exhibitions.
Stay up to date with developments in the rapidly changing nonwoven market.

Several major manufacturers of wood-pulp to:
Understand the raw material requirements of the viscose and lyocell production processes.
Understand the opportunities for growth of cellulosic fibres in the world's nonwoven markets.
An Asian nonwoven producer to:
Design and specify a production line suitable for producing a range of hydroentangled fabrics to replace chemically bonded products in the local market.

A major European chemicals producer to:
Identify new applications for textile finishing materials in the hygienic disposables market.

A leading manufacturer of biopolymers to:
Understand and develop nonwoven applications for fibres made from a new polymer .
A major US chemicals manufacturer to:
Identify fibre and nonwoven market opportunities for a new biodegradable synthetic polymer.

A Latin-American dry-laid nonwoven producer to:
Identify new European markets. 
Decide how to modernise their nonwoven production plant .
Compare and contrast the sources of the new machinery

A European electronics company to:
Identify and source nonwovens suitable for protection of wiring in automotive applications.
Estimate market sizes.
Prepare a justification for investment in the new polymer.

A European producer of wet-laid nonwovens to:
Develop a new bonding system for a food-grade nonwoven

A European beauty products company to:
Specify and source material for a new nonwoven make-up removal pad.

The European Nonwovens association (EDANA) to:
Develop the programme for, and attract speakers to, the INDEX 99 and Index 2002 Congresses in Geneva.

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