Monday 11 December 2006

Electrostatic and Centrifugal Spinning Routes to Nanofibres

Martin Dauner, Head of Nonwovens Technology at ITV Denkendorf (Germany), the Moderator of this session, stepped in to give this unlisted paper when the second of the session’s speakers cancelled.

Electrostatic spinning at ITV Denkendorf (Germany)

Centrifugal Spinning at ITV Denkendorf.
A Comparison of polyethylene oxide nanofibres electrospun and centrifugally spun from 5% solutions. Dr Dauner thought the centrifugal approach would ultimately replace electrostatic spinning.

The range of routes to nanofibres

Nanofibres have applications in both filtration and textile markets

Lutz Bergmann (l) and Martin Dauner

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