Tuesday 19 December 2006

Nanovliz - a new nanofibre nonwoven from Lyocell?

Lüder Gerking of Nanoval GmbH & Co KG (Germany) claimed that in his new Nanovlisz® process a single 0.6mm die hole surrounded by a concentric 4mm diameter Laval nozzle could produce 10 gms/min of PP nanofibers and 15 gms/min of titania-dulled PET nanofibers.
The fibres were probably more micro- than nano-, but the process was more like meltblowing than electrospinning...

using significantly less energy for a given fibre diameter than meltblown.

Plans for a 2 metre wide machine were shown...
...along with SEM's of Lyocell webs apparently made by the Nanovliz (as opposed to the Nanoval) method.

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