Wednesday 27 June 2012

Kelheim Fibers to present new research results at Zellcheming

Once again Kelheim Fibres will attend this year’s ZELLCHEMING general meeting and Expo. Dr. Ingo Bernt, a member of the R&D team of the Bavarian fibre specialist, and Dr. Rene Eckhart from the TU Graz will give a lecture on the results of the latest research into the effects of flat viscose fibres in papers, while other members of Kelheim Fibres are available in hall 2, stand no. 207, for further discussions. There is also the possibility to learn more about Kelheim’s most recent “paper fibre”, the newly developed "Leonardo".

Kelheim Fibres continues to pursue the strategy of expanding its activities in the paper making industry. Kelheim’s speciality fibres have been used in papers for several decades, but recently numerous new developments have led to a multitude of new possible applications in this sector. In addition to interesting functionalities Kelheim’s viscose fibres offer two particular benefits: they are easy to incorporate in the papermaking process – as they are manufactured from cellulose, the same raw material used for paper – and they are an environmentally friendly alternative to other additives, as they consist of 100% renewable resources and are completely biodegradable. 

(KF Press Release)

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