Monday 9 July 2012

A Vision of the Future from Unicharm Gulf Hygienic

Mahdy Katbe, Executive Director of Unicharm Gulf Hygienic (Saudi Arabia) presented a thought provoking paper ranging rapidly across social, political and economic factors and their effect on the World, it’s nations, organisations, families and individuals.  Hardcopy was unavailable at the time of writing, but the following points were notable:

  • Traditional education systems are becoming obsolete
  • Digital Natives (those born after 1985) are able to educate themselves via the world wide web. (Digital Immigrants are those born before 1985)
  • Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon together turnover $800bn and are truly global.
  • Capitalism has failed to provide the right balance of economic and social values.
  • We are deeply in debt and borrowing from future generations.
  • Traditional corporations rate their economic value more highly than their social value.  These must carry equal weight in future.
  • Social Key Performance Indicators will in future need to be embedded in corporate values.
This was an excellent Keynote presentation and this summary would have been more informative had a copy of the presentation or its slides been made available to EDANA.

(From EDANA Middle East Symposium - Dubai - Feb 2012)

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