Monday 14 January 2013

Bostik: The Role of Materials Suppliers in Sustainability

Christophe Morel-Fourrier, Global Technical Marketing Manager, Bostik (France) said sustainability has now evolved from “how do we become greener” to “how do we use resources more efficiently”.  It is driven by skyrocketing raw material prices, shortages in supply, and extraordinary growth in the emerging economies.  In fact sustainable development can now be integrated into the business model to increase the top-line (innovative products), increase the bottom-line (better efficiency) and to manage supply risks.

For Bostik, 94% of impacts arise with the raw materials, 3.5% from their production process and 2.5% from transportation.  So it is clear that moving from oil-based to bio-based materials will be key to improvement, with bio-based equivalents of today’s synthetic polymers being a staging post on the way to using natural materials.  With adhesives being a minor part of diaper construction, add-on reduction appears to be the main strategy for reducing impact.  Their new Zerocreep™ adhesive offers the possibility of a 50% reduction in the amount needed with additional savings in the energy needed to keep the melt hot.  Transportation impacts can be minimised by delivering the adhesive free of packaging,  in 20 tonne tankers, molten and ready for use.

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