Friday 28 April 2006

Edana 2006 Nonwovens Research Academy - Lille

The first EDANA Nonwoven Research Academy was the conference component of last year’s INDEX in Geneva . This second NRA was the first “stand-alone” meeting, the first to encourage student participation with a special registration fee of €25, and the first to feature EDANA grants to cover fees, travel and accommodation expenses for 11 selected MSc and PhD students of nonwovens.

Wolfgang Schilde and Barbara Schimanz of Germany's Saxon Textile Research Institute with Nigtao Mao of Leeds Nonwovens Research Group

Share of sales of products launched in the last 5 years versus R&D spend as a percent of sales from EDANA innovation management study 2005. The nonwovens industry achieves average innovation from below average expenditure.
Dr Elaheh Ghassemieh, Lecturer – Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) has measured the vibration damping properties of nonwovens by bonding them to a magnetically-excited cantilever beam in the ASTM E-756-98 standard test.

Edana sponsored students at the 2006 Nonwovens Research Academy conference in Lille.
Andrew Hewitt comments: "...the tall guy who is second from the left on the back row is me! - Andrew Hewitt. To the right of me is Elaine Durham (third from left on back row), and the guy wearing the v-necked jumper and blue T-shirt (third from the left on the middle row) is Baljeet Dhillon. We're all PhD students in the Nonwovens Research Group, Leeds University, UK. The guy third from the left on the front row is Saravanan Palaniappan, who was an Masters student with us at the time."
Can anyone else put more names to the faces - if so please use "comments" below.

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