Sunday 31 December 2006

Inda/Tappi Nonwovens Meeting St Louis, September 2005

The main INDA-TAPPI conference was preceded by a 1 day Nonwoven Enhancements conference organized in conjunction with the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. The main INTC conference comprised 3 simultaneous sessions and only those attended are reported. This was the largest and busiest nonwoven conference of recent years comprising 98 full presentations, 14 Poster presentations, 12 Supplier showcase presentations, 18 award presentations and a fashion show.
Millenium Hotel St Louis: Venue for INTC 2005

Rory Holmes, President of Inda (seated)

Nonwoven Production by region, 1994-2009 according to INDA

Nonwoven growth by region: 1994-2009 according to INDA

Nonwoven production by web-forming technology; 1994-2009 according to INDA

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