Sunday 9 September 2012

INDA World of Wipes Conference (Chicago) Highlights

·          A report on the analysis of laundered shop towels shows that users can be exposed to above the recommended levels of several toxic metals simply by handling the “clean” towels.
·         Robotic floor cleaning systems are taking off in Europe with sales expected to reach $600 million by 2015.  The iRobot Scooba™ using Chlorox, and the Vileda™ systems were illustrated.
·         Probiotics are moving from yogurts to wipe lotions and can be expected in fem-care products soon.
·         A study of retailer attitudes suggests they feel suppliers don’t understand them, add little value and tend not to listen to their unique requirements.

·         Design Thinking, as practiced by Apple, can be applied to any business.  Forget unmet needs, features, benefits. Invent needs to get that “I didn’t know I needed it” response from consumers.
·         The 2012 WOW Innovation Award went to Sani Professional for their Table-Turners™ No-Rinse food service wipes in the Triple-Take™ dispenser.
·         Baby-wipes don’t cause of sewage pump blockages.  Attempts to block a pump by feeding baby-wipes into the inlet failed. Paper towels from public washrooms are the main culprit. 
·         Bluetooth 4.0 sensors in nonwoven insoles, patches, belts or straps could monitor health and fitness and the performance of athletes in real time using Smartphone software.
·         Raw cotton disinfectant wipes release antimicrobials more completely than bleached cotton wipes.

The EPA rule allowing disposable industrial wipes into lined landfill is now due to be published after 27 years of INDA lobbying.  Disposables and shop-towels will be able to compete on equal terms.

Summaries of the papers given at the INDA World of Wipes Conference in June 2012 will appear here over the next few weeks.

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