Monday 10 September 2012


Association publishes guide for environmental communications
Berlin, 10 September 2012. False or misleading communication of environmental product properties is a widespread problem in the marketplace. European Bioplastics, the association for the European bioplastics industry, has considered this subject and today published its ‘Environmental Communications Guide for Bioplastics’. “Together with the bioplastics industry, we want to set a new benchmark for good environmental communication – all along the value chain”, says Andy Sweetman, Chairman European Bioplastics.

Communicating attractive environmental profiles and delivering ample and honest information while meeting national and international (communication) standards is not always an easy task for communication and marketing experts. However, especially when it comes to the communication of environmental beneficial properties of products, flawless claims are a must.

European Bioplastics has developed its Environmental Communications Guide within an international working group of member and non-member experts. As of today, the 30-page brochure is available for download at A short summary of the key messages of the guide is also available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Swedish.

The brochure outlines general, ISO compliant guidelines for environmental communication. In addition, it provides recommendations regarding relevant claims for bioplastics such as biobased, biodegradable, compostable or CO2 neutral. Recommendations are illustrated by both good and poor examples.

The Environmental Communications Guide is a source of information which is particularly relevant to the packaging sector, where bioplastics are commonly used. Both communications and marketing experts, as well as product designers and brand managers can get a quick and up to date overview of the subject.

Workshop - Environmental communication for bioplastics, 5 November 2012, Berlin

Besides publishing the brochure, European Bioplastics is offering workshops on environmental communication for bioplastics. The first half-day workshop will be held on 5 November at the Maritim proArte hotel in Berlin, one day prior to the annual European Bioplastics Conference. The workshop will primarily target those responsible for communications and marketing as well as product designers, and brand managers. 

More information regarding the programme and registration is available at

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