Monday 1 October 2012

INDA Flushable Wipes Impact Report

Steve Ogle, Technical Director of INDA reviewed the progress since 2003 when the WERF study showed the need for flushability guidelines.   In 2008 the first INDA/EDANA Guidance Document was published and the third is now in preparation. The purpose of “GD3” is:
  • ·         To continue to protect the industry against legislation and regulation.
  • ·         To simplify flushability assessment.
  • ·         To respond to issues raised by wastewater processers in the EU and USA. (increased screen waste, pump and valve clogging and land application of sludge.)
GD3 will therefore recommend 7 sequential tests to answer 11 questions (down from 24 in GD2), the format will be close to that suggested by the UK water industry, and nothing undispersible will pass.  The 7 tests are Toilet and Drain clearance, Settling, Dispersion, Aerobic digestion, Anaerobic digestion, Household Pumping and Municipal Pumping.  Passing all 7 will allow the use of a Flushable label.  GD3 is due to be published in early 2013.

Mr Ogle concluded  that while the sewage treatment problems will continue and even get worse, and the industry was still facing legislative threats in Maine and the UK, a positive dialogue with waste water professionals was now possible.  The obvious solution, to stop consumers from flushing non-flushables, had moved up the agenda.

(from a paper given at the INDA WOW Conference, Chicago, June 2012)

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