Tuesday 9 October 2007

More from Outlook 2007

Irina Barbalova (Euromonitor), Pieter Meijer (Fibreweb) and Prof Suzanne Berger (MIT) all sitting listening to Geleyn Meijer (LogicaCMG) talking about the life-changing www.

Irina Barbalova of Euromonitor International gave these listings of the world's largest nonwoven markets and those that are growing fastest.

Prof Hans Rosling of the Karolinska Institutet (Sweden) presenting compelling data on the influence of GDP/capita on childrens health for all the countries of the world. An earlier version of the full talk with its impressive graphics is available on the Gapminder site

Gabriela Grab Hartmann of Sustainability Asset Management talking about corporate sustainability and its effect on financial performance.

Approaching Sintra's Pena Palace, site of one of the many memorable EDANA cocktail parties...

... which became positively romantic as night fell.

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