Tuesday 30 April 2013

Indian Nonwoven Market Update

Rich Chapas of Chapas, Chinai and Associates provided news from the subcontinent.
  • Per capita income for 2011 was $3663 (PPP basis)
  • There are 26.2 million births/year; the middle class population is 375 million of whom 60 million are engineers and scientists; 30% of the population lives in cities.
  • The diaper market is >1% penetrated and the femcare market 15% penetrated by disposables.
  • Nonwovens use is 0.5kg/capita/year now and is expected to grow to 2.5 kg/capita/year by 2025.
  • Nonwovens production was 190,000 tonnes in 2011, of which only 18,000 were disposables.  These numbers are expected to double by 2015.
  • 48% of nonwoven production is spunbond and 36% is needlepunch.  11% is spunlace.
  • The culture is anti-disposables and there is insufficient infrastructure to support rapid growth.
  • Carpets and backing, packaging, geotextile and automotive durable nonwovens make up 75% of nonwoven sales.  Hygiene is only 8%.
  • New product development should involve use of local natural products, not synthetics.  However India, like Brazil, would be a good base for developing bio-based synthetics.
  • K-C are partnering with Lever to develop the diaper and femcare market.

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