Wednesday 17 January 2007

World Fiber Trends

Lana Irish of Invista, the company formed from KoSa and Dupont’s Textiles and Interiors business, provided data to illustrate how future fiber requirements would be met.

World fiber consumption continued to rise...

the growth being driven by population growth and increasing use per capita...

The most populous regions use a fraction of the fiber of the developed economies...

so phenomenal growth can be expected as China and India move to Western levels of fiber consumption.

Polyester is now the most popular fiber in the world and massive expansion plans are underway in China.

For nonwovens, Ms Irish saw sheath/core bicomponent fiber technology aiding
the more efficient use of raw materials by using cores which would not alone
form fibers inside more valuable fiber forming sheaths. There was no
discussion on how oil shortages might affect the scenario.

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