Monday 15 January 2007

2005 Visionary Award Nominee: Oral-B Brush Ups

Peter Gladstone of Gillette (USA) argued that between toothbrushing (most effective/least convenient toothcare) and chewing gums (least effective/most convenient) there existed a gap which could be filled by a disposable cleaner worn on a finger.

The oral care opportunity to be filled by Brush-Ups

The cleaning side was a thermal-bonded bulky spunbond laminated to a thin waterproof spunbond. The bulky spunbond was thermally embossed* and impregnated with cleaner and said to remove 60% of the plaque c.f. a toothbrush. The elastic backing allowed the one size to fit snugly over any finger size.

Consumers used Brush-Ups when toothpaste and brush cleaning was impossible

90% said Brush Ups were easy to use "on-the-go"

Market research indicated it would be purchased in addition to current toothcare products and used mainly away from home.

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