Friday 25 May 2012

EDANA Middle East Symposium 2012

Edited highlights of our report on the EDANA Middle East Symposium (14th -15th Feb 2012) are now available in Nonwovens Report International magazine - Issue 2 2012.  The full report will be posted here in due course, but in the meantime here are some photos from the occasion. 

While the conference hotel was at the Jumeirah Beach Resort, it was not in that resort's costly Burj al Arab hotel illustrated in the NRI article, but in the more popular and reasonable Jumeirah Beach Hotel illustrated below:

Mahdy Katbe, Executive Director of Unicharm Gulf Hygienic Products (Saudi Arabia)  (above) gave an excellent keynote speech on the phenomena engulfing our world, but copies of the slides were not included in the proceedings.  (Please let us know by commenting if anyone else who attended got a copy)

Geoff Collins, Head of Sales, Lenzing Asia (Hong Kong) discussed what Courtaulds Research used, in the 1990's,  to call the "Comfort Gap".  It has now been renamed  "The Sustainability Gap" but the concept is the same.  In the absence of comfortable synthetic fibres, and an inability to grow as much cotton as the market needs, more man-made cellulosics will be required - see below.

Samir Gupta, MD Business Co-ordination House (India) gave a comprehensive paper on the prospects for medical and hygienic products in India (Below)

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