Friday 7 December 2012

Asahi ”Bemliese” Cellulosic Spunbond

Kyoko Machioka of Asahi Kasei Fibers Corp., Nobeka, Miyazaki (Japan) described the new microfibre version of the cuprammonium cellulose spunbond nonwoven.  

Cotton linters are dissolved in cuprammonium hydroxide to give a 10% solution with twice the DP of viscose, and this very high viscosity solution can be extruded through large holes (0.5-0.7mm) and drawn as a liquid by over 100 times before regeneration to cellulose.  

The new microfiber nonwoven has filaments of 3-5 micron diameter and gives fabrics with a third of the pore size of regular Bemliese®.  Fibres are spun at 150 m/min after drawing by 500 times onto a belt running at 20-40 m/min.  The fabric absorbency was said to be outstanding but no test data was provided.  Vertical wicking appeared to be 50% higher than for the regular Bemliese.

How much copper remains in the nonwoven?  Zero.

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