Wednesday 23 April 2014

INDA Vision Dallas Awards Presentations

The finalists - all winners in INDA's view - were:

Air-Allergy™ from Airware Corp. is an advanced nasal filter that fits inside the nostrils and is designed to remove, for example, pollen and viruses to help hay-fever sufferers and to help prevent colds and flu.  25% of the population are affected by air-born allergies every day and anyone flying is 100x more likely to pick up a virus in the plane than they are at home.  They are also marketed containing a eucalyptus oil as sleep improvers (reduce snoring) and with peppermint to reduce headaches and nausea by increasing oxygen inhalation.  As such they are thought to appeal to 169million Americans.

Laundry-Free Linens®: Beantown Bedding LLC has developed disposable bed linen made of  hydroentangled 100% Tencel.  The pillow passed around the audience had an impressively soft and linen-like cover.  The target market was the student population who failed to wash bed-linen often enough, and also campers.  Packs of 2 sheets and a pillowcase were sold wholesale to colleges at around $25.  Beantown thought these would be good for three-weeks use.

Butterfly™ Body Liners from Butterfly Health Inc., targeted the 15 million US women who suffer from Accidental Bowel Leakage or ABL although men are equally affected.  The Body Liner has no topsheet and no backsheet but uses a double-sided adhesive tape to fix it in place between the buttocks.  Trials with 202 women achieved a 65% acceptance rate.  It was launched on the web in Sept 2013, would be advertised in magazines in Feb 2014 and was expected to go national in April 2014.  However, Target took it national last December and Walmart would start selling it in April.  Kelly Brezoczky, the CEO is a former P&G Marketing Executive.

Minwax Wood Finishing Cloths from Pacon Manufacturing Corp. were stain-impregnated industrial wipes designed to colour timber.  Each wipe carried 30gms of stain and each 8-count flow-wrapped pack with its peel/reseal label included a pair of disposable gloves.  A pack would stain 50 square feet of wood.  5 colours were available currently, and soap and water could be used to clean up.  It was recently featured on the Today show and was on sale in Lowes, Amazon and Sherwin William stores at $7.99.

And the overall winner of the poll taken after the presentations was: Butterfly™ Body Liners

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